Have YOU assessed the ergonomics of your workstation recently?


I haven’t. Also my shoulders hurt.

Almost the weak end :wink: - phnarr! It's the Double-Entendre Thread

I have a standing desk, so it’s hard to keep the ergonomics consistent.


I have a sit-stand desk at home and I’m really feeling the effects of sitting down all day here, my lower back is aching and my legs keep going a bit dead. I have a really good ergonomic keyboard and the bog standard one I use here is starting to make my wrists and fingers hurt as most of my job is typing. Think I’ll try to slyly convince the guy I’m covering to ask for a standing desk when he gets back.


i’ve got this beauty

ergonomic beyond belief


every time someone mentions sitting down all day or their posture or something i always think “oh yeah, standing desk, i keep meaning to look into getting one of those” then i don’t and forget about it until the next time


My monitors need to be raised by about six inches and I lean in too close to my screen. Maybe wearing my glasses would help me to sit back.


what do you keep in the middle bit


Chin rest.


it’s just a nice empty space


That’s the one I’ve got, it’s so good


i know a few editors who stand up because walter murch did it :roll_eyes:


Nice rug.




It is pretty great. I generally only stand at it when I am flagging and it really does help.