Have you been blocked by a celebrity on Twitter?


Or just had an argument or run-in with one?

Tell all.

Over the last fortnight I’ve been blocked by:

Gemma Arterton, Emily Blunt, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Rosario Dawson,
Jennifer Lawrence and Danny DeVito.

Beat that.


What are you doing to earn such opprobrium?


Haha. Can you tell us why you’ve been blocked by each one?

(And no, I don’t think I’ve ever really engaged with a celebrity on Twitter)


Any reason why you’ve managed to upset/troll a clutch of attractive female actors (and Danny DeVito).


Yeah this sounds fucked. Are you a raging MRA in disguise? None of those sound like very ‘blocky’ people to start with?


I have a protected account, so I don’t tweet at famous people unless they follow me.


Saps, there’s something about me you might be interested to know


Hi goatmeat


Closest I’ve got is that I got blocked by a well-known blogger in my profession for pointing out that he’s a daft sexist.

So, to answer your question: no.

  • I’m
  • not
  • even
  • ON
  • twitter

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is there a quick way of seeing if you’ve been blocked by anyone on there?


Sexual harrassment mostly.


Jokes (hopefully?) aside, I really would like to know why. Do you even know?


My solicitor has contacted me (she follows my DiS postings very closely) and has advised met to say that I haven’t been blocked by these people. In fact I haven’t engaged with them on Twitter at all.

I have camped out in their back gardens though.


My god! Is this thread just a sham to try to weed out all the people who think they’re too good for social media?


Saps this is a weird thread and you should probably back out now.


can’t even imagine a circumstance in which i’d tweet a celebrity


I thought people would realise I was joking.

I don’t exactly have an edgy persona on here.

I’ve never had any celebrity beeves, just wondered if anyone else has.


Some celebrities and bands like to ‘metweet’ (retweet praise about themselves), and appreciate a mention if you’re giving something of theirs a ‘big-up’.


not a huge celeb, but a couple of years back i had a mini-beef with tv presenter/actor/anti-bullying campaigner adam pearson:

iirc, he was mocking an apprentice candidate for her allegedly messy hair - she was a black woman who had pretty typical afro hair from what i could tell, so i simply asked him how these comments fit in with his anti-bullying stance. he had a go at me for not recognising that he was joking, so i just left him to it. don’t recall if he blocked me or not.