Have you been to Kiev?


Tell me about it. I’m going for Eurovision but have a couple of spare days either side.


[insert smartarse answer about chicken kievs here]




Just chicken it out on Tripadvisor atm, actually…


I’ve wanted to go for a while, the whole war thing has put me off though.


You could say I’m a bit of a chicken.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to Ki…oh forget it


Was travelling around Romania and Moldova back in 2006 and was just about to head on to Kiev when that diplomatic spat blew up between the UK and Ukraine over the Litvinenko poisoning and they changed the visa requirements for Brits. So no, I have not been to Kiev :rage:


It’s got a great Jack Bauer assisted dying theme park.

Kiev Smotherland


was going to go but the exchange rate was so bad I would have ended up with a poultry amount


Was going to go but I …



This thread has been a huge success.


yeah, you garlic it

(can’t lick it)

(can’t beat it)


Bet you’re absolutely spitting feathers about it aren’t you

(Edit: That is a thing that means angry, isn’t it?)


I hear nothing but good things


Yes - great work


This was the response from an Air BnB host when I tried to book an apartment for 3 men




On Eurovision weekend, too. Imagine ol’ Mario got quite a lot of similar requests.


In soviet ukraine, chicken kievs you?