Have you been told off recently? STRICTLY light hearted thread

Recently I have been scolded for the following crimes and misdemeanours

  1. Shaking my wet hair as a wet dog would, in the corner of the living room “right where we’ve already got a damp problem and over our nice photographs! Come on, you knob”
  2. Swearing in front of small children
  3. Easing up a tin ring pull using a sharp knife, which I have been told before not to do and I was trying to be sly about but failed

Wbu naughty huns?


Not putting destinations in the sat nav and then going the wrong way. Happened twice today.

It’s not that recently, but when I was in Munich I got told off by a man for crossing the road before the green man was showing. He said “nicht!” and shook his head at me.


Was he in a vehicle or a fellow pedestrian?

Fellow pedestrian. Probably just jealous at my risk perception skills

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got told off the other day for running a bath at midnight


Threw a toy squirrel at my colleague earlier and she called me a ‘silly shit’.


Sounds like an upstanding, safety conscious citizen.

Love doing that abroad. Locals gazing on, shocked to the core, imagining just what this absolute maverick will do next.


No, I’m an angel.

Manager asked me to stop coming in late

Just got told off for seasoning the dish we’re cooking without consulting the chief dish designer.

Rightly so. You’re a very naughty boy.


Leaving my trainers in the middle of the floor



Was also told off for trying to taste too big a piece of sausage when checking the flavour. #0e0eVery0e

Making food too rich but also not buttering the broccoli :person_shrugging:


Ooh that winds me up a treat. I’d have given you a damn good telling off myself.

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No, but I did get called a fat c*** by a thief i shoulder charged into a wall earlier. I had it coming tbf

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  • cunt
  • cock

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Not that recent but I dropped one of my bfs plates in lockdown and it cracked and now he serves me with it for every meal