Have you been told off recently? STRICTLY light hearted thread

Hope you’re not too bruised x


Aye, they don’t like you crossing the road until the green walking man with the hat shows.

Complete opposite in Houston - I used the pedestrian crossing (possibly the first person to ever use it) and waited for Don’t Walkt to switch to Walk. I had to bolit it and had about five seconds to cross eight lanes of traffic.

This is the most recent I can think of:

The telling off was later retracted, after no evidence was submitted. 1-0 to ssf.

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Got told off by a car via the medium of them honking their horn angrily at me because I crossed the road they were turning down into but in my defence I had looked both ways and didn’t see their indicator light. I was also waiting for longer than them so it was rude of them to turn in anyway.

probably not responding to my mum’s texts fast enough - within the last fortnight I’d say

Only by the DiS Police.

God, I get this all the time.

“No reply to my last text. Mum xxxx”

Got this piece of telling off under the windscreen wiper of my car on bin day, put there by the bin people. No idea why cos my car was neatly parked outside my house in exactly the same place it’s been for the past fourteen years without causing any consternation.

Pre pandemic I called my mum for a catch up and she started telling me off for not keeping in touch and for not visiting enough and I said “Mate, look at fb chat, I called you two weeks ago and suggested we’d visit soon, then followed up with some dates and you never replied!”
:fried_egg: on her face!


The cat made an exceptionally angry noise at me when I moved her off my desk chair this morning.



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Pretty sure pedestrians have right of way if they’ve started walking before a car has made it plain they’re turning in.

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Got told off earlier by my daughter for failing to do a half up, half down pony tail correctly.

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Yep, we do!


You should have been telling them off :grinning:

i’m good at responding to most texts but bad at responding to my sister’s, which i feel bad about

When I was my hands my daughter says “You cannot do a scrobbly bobbly if you haven’t got a beard!”. Meaning that, for reasons undisclosed, I’m to wash my hands quietly if I’m clean shaven. It’s Peppa Pig/WHO related, but with a twist.