Have you changed much over the years?



and how?


Yeah. Various ways.
Way less self conscious and more assured but also more grouchy and less accepting of people


nope, perpetual teenager


I used to be shorter, now I’m taller


Yeah. I hope I have changed even in recent years.

If anyone ever catches me being the “what about?” guy or the “well actually…” guy you have permission to perma ban me. For a week.


I think as I’ve made my way through increasingly elite and exclusive institutions (educational and now professional), and being absorbed into this atmosphere of enormous privilege and wealth, my personal politics have changed in the standard way as I get older and more financially comfortable towards being much more rabidly left wing, because like fuck have I earned any of this through harder work than my peers.


also hair loss :frowning:


Also I’m fatter now.


bags under eyes


In many many ways.

Physically - more bearded and generally rotund.

Socially - far more awkward and self-aware. Crushingly shy in person with new people and in group situations involving more than one other person. Probably a bit of a loner, but usually okay with that.

Character - Vastly more empathetic and a lot less judgemental than I used to be. Far happier being myself in my own space rather than trying to someone other people expect me to be as part of their space.


more aware of other people’s feelings


Aw man, mine are terrible. I think I went through an accelerated period of ageing and now I look like a haggard old man.


Fatter, balder, more tired, less confident, same shit job, still got no money.

My life journey went:
Living with parents – Living in my own flat – Sharing a flat – Living in my own house – Living with my girlfriend – Fiancée – Wife – Living in my own flat – Living with my parents



I’m still working on this. I’ve got a lot of hard-coded rules about how I “should” be that are at odds with how I am, and I’m trying to deconstruct and then ignore them.


Quite a bit, but I still got love for the streets.


I’ve never ever thought of myself as some who tries to be what someone expects me to be but I’ve come to realise that all I’ve ever really done are the safe things that probably were expected of me and it’s quite difficult to accept.



Not really, just now I’ve got more money to make stupid life decisions with


Still as introverted as ever but I generally put a bit more effort into sparking up a conversation and empathizing with people I’ve just met.

Considerably more left leaning I probably would have considered myself far more of a centrist before. Far more interested in critiquing neoliberalism and capitalism.

Probably physically fitter than previous due to grappling, which has also forced me to finally start taking my strength and conditioning seriously.


Looking back I think teenage me was a sociopath, hopefully that’s changed a bit.

Think morally I’ve improved but effectiveness is going in the other direction. Definitely less confident.