Have you clambered through anything lately?

Talk about anything you have “clambered through” in the last 10-12 days in this thread please.

Polite note: I consider, for example walking through a, for example, door as “clambering through” something if you are especially uncoordinated

My messy garage.

The builders left loads of things outside the house in the pavement earlier, and in order to get past it all, I would certainly consider my method to be described as clambering.

Only clambered up or onto things recently.

I clambered through a ball pit when I went to play crazy golf the other week. It was fun.

I was walking along Regents Canal and a tree and associated branches had fallen over and was blocking the pathway and therefore I (and others) had to “clamber through” it all in order to continue my journey.

Clambered into this thread to give my answer, which is ‘no’

But now its ‘yes’!

Interesting post

Buddy, I rarely do anything else!

The small door of a bouncy house at “Moving Ants” in the leisure centre yesterday. Probably about 9.45am



No but I’d like to

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Clamber Sands

I love to clamber

I live to clamber!

Mr clamberine man

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I know you sadly didn’t ask but I’d like to clamber on one of these


Looks v dangerous

That’s part of the appeal for a guy like me

I went to the coffee shop the other day and asked for a clambercino