Have you done any "striking while the iron is hot" lately?

please see below for supporting evidence:

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Mrs F has become obsessed with making soft toys on her sewing machine so the iron’s been out ahelluvalot recently. Since our ironing board folds out of a drawer under the toaster I have had to be very careful when making toast.

So I have done a lot of careful toasting while the iron is hot lately.

Hello Tone,

I hate this phrase because it’s one of the stock phrases my Mum used to parrot at me when I wad unemployed. Other favourites included “don’t let the grass grow” and “make a nuisance of yourself”.

Despite my negative associations with this phrase I nonetheless wish you a happy and successful thread.

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Would you care to elaborate on how you responded to each of those phrases please? (your answers can be lies if you want)

Pouring weedkiller on the lawn would seem to satisfy both orders.


My memory is hazy on the matter but I would imagine in each instance I made a huffy noise and went back to eating cereal and watching Cagney and Lacey on ITV3


My reaction post here could be said to have been striking while the iron was hot, maybe?

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What is the origin of this phrase?

It’s a shame that we will never know.

You struck with gusto!

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it’s quite easy to heat an iron these days

I do my ironing straight away as soon as my shirt wash finishes. This helps to ensure minimum wrinkledge and, I would contend, counts as “striking whilst the iron is hot”.

This is me (so no)

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Which cheetah do you know personally, please?

The cheetos one with the sunglasses

Ah yeah, I know that one too. Thank you. God bless x

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I have done some ironing recently does that count

I’m afraid it doesn’t, can you delete the post please.

I saw it was frosty so I thought “I’m going to see what the park looks like when it’s frosty” and it was nice!

Hey man, more like “striking when the weather is cold” huh! :rofl: