"Have you done your coursework yet?"


“What have we got after lunch?”

“Did anyone bring a ball in?”

Yes, that’s right. It’s the “things that used to get said all the time in school” thread!

“He wasn’t on the bus, don’t think he’s in Miss”


Alright, smalls?


I forgot my kit


“CCB will not be taking part in cross-country running today as he has a cold”


There are only enough textbooks for one between two


Little point of order, can we put the actual examples in quotation marks please. That way we can distinguish between a thread contribution and general in-thread chat. Thanks in advance.


“Who’d like to volunteer to go first?”



“Hahaha there goes pissypants twentynine!”


“Fuck off, Ant”



Oh shit!


“bit chilly on the old willy”


What was the consequence for this in your schools, friends?


Dead arm


“man on!”


Classic. Ours started with a dead arm and evolved to end up with a punch in the balls. Fucking brutal.


“I’ve got a pair of Air Max at home, I just don’t want to wear them to school, that’s all”


“Oh my days!”


Shaznay is a sket


“Yes miss I mean oui madame”