Have you drunk enough water today? 🌊

No shame, just a friendly reminder that you might not be getting enough h2o in your daily routine.

  • Yes I have, too much if anything!!!11
  • Almost, getting there though
  • Hmm probably not, I will have a glass of water now
  • I am a husk
  • My dog ate my water intake
  • Something else that you’d like to share with us

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if you’ve had 2l of it, yeah

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When I’m at home I’ve got a pint glass I normally use for getting my water in during the day. While we were away and had house sitters, they left us a thank you gift of some flowers - very nice, thank you too, for looking after our cats - but rather than put them in a vase they put them in my pint glass. What’s doubly annoying is that they bought good quality flowers, so they haven’t died yet, meaning I’ve been on backup glasses for the last couple of weeks.

I still haven’t got my acid reflux medication so I’m having to drink a LOT of cold water to put out the fire in my insides. Currently on 2.6l for the day.

WOAH! Any advances on that?

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2 x mugs of tea
1 x flat white
3 x pints of blackcurrant squash

Probably enough for now

Had a Huel. I’m awful at drinking water when I’m at home for some reason. All over it when I’m out and about though.

physical exertion can often make you thirsty

You’re onto something!

2 pints pure water
1 pint squash
2 mugs lemsip
1 mug coffee

1 x chai

4 coffees
500ml bottle of Fanta grape

Just had a glass with four ice cubes in it, as a little ‘extra free’ bonus.


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One black filter coffee
One oat flat white
One cup of tea
Two glasses of water

Not enough for me given I’m still feeding a baby but I currently can’t move as she’s sleeping on me, so :person_shrugging:

1x filter coffee at home
1x americano from Cafe Nero
1x small bottle of orange juice from Greggs
3x 500ml bottlefuls of water

one filter coffee
two teas
couple of sips of water

Used to drink looooooaads of water when I was in the office. Just as something to do really, would just have my water bottle in my hand all the time, then a trip to refill it is a nice excuse to get up (as well as all the pisses).

As a result I would get thirsty very easily in my spare time and got into the habit of bringing a bottle of water with me all the time when I left the house (unless going somewhere that serves drinks).

Now I’m WFH I always have a glass of water beside me when I’m working but don’t drink enough of it. I’m still in the habit of bringing my water bottle with me when I’m out an about a lot of the time but now it barely gets touched.

Fascinating eh?

2 cups tea
1 flat white
2 big cups filter coffee
Brewing a tea now.

Ample water. Caffeine intake could do with a bump though.

No :face_with_hand_over_mouth: