Have you even been on tele?

Inspired by the fact I’ve just applied for The Chase and Pointless (but have never been on tv before)

@roastthemonaspit please tell us about Pointless


I was in the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground England vs Australia January 1991

DM me your address if you want an autograph or anything

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yes, once.

cba to get the photo out again.

Appeared prominently in the background on Sport Mastermind, WWE Raw and Wrestlemania if that counts.

In the audience at Deal Or No Deal, 2005. On the radio once, Popmaster, 2014.

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So was I!

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My brother and I were on a Saturday morning kids show when I was around 10 and he was 7. He beat me at battleships.

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I can’t remember the name of the contestant we saw but she won £6000 and my sister picked the box for the phone in competition. Oh and Noel Edmonds told the ‘it was a shihtzu’ joke before it started.

Yeah. As part of my little video club - we were on telly on kids itv and we made a video for a pop band and we got to interview Sonia and Halo James.

I’ve just scoured the internet to make sure it’s not snuggled away on youtube or anything before posting this.

Songs of Praise, Ely Cathedral, Easter, sometime in the 80s I think. As part of the village church choir, they had a load of them up for the filming

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we saw a woman win 50,000, was some mad shit.


My mum was on Tipping Point if that counts.

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not eccentric enough to get on only connect, so no.

that’s my excuse.

I was on Songs of Praise, St Marylebone with my dad in the 90s.
He got a massive close up of his face belting out a hymn. I used to have it on VHS at home.


How did you get on?

Had a final audition for Mastermind a couple of years ago too, but didn’t make it on. That’s a shame.

Fuck I keep forgetting to apply to go on the chase

Won with 21 points (some way off my best tbh) but lost the 3 in 10 (Hue and fucking Cry). Got a Radio 2 branded mp3 player and a quiz book.

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DO IT, maybe we’ll be on the same team

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Pretty impressive though, that’s the hardest music quiz there is

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