Have you even been on tele?

Keep meaning to ring in again actually. Maybe this is the week.

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Only in crowd shots and stuff.

I know of five different pairs who have been on Pointless. All of them have got down to the final two at least, and three of them have come away with the trophy.

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Yep. Interviewed on BBC NI when a former Norn Iron ‘legend’ became the manager of the local football team, when I was about 18 or so.
I was very enthusiastic (and quite drunk on the free beer).

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I’ve been in the audience of QI and Have I Got News For You

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luckily no



don’t think so. i’ve probably been visible in the background of a few outside news reports but never spotted myself. think i spotted myself in the background of a music show i was in the audience for once

recently got a camera and microphone shoved in my face coming out of a John McDonnell interview at the Fringe asking for my opinion on his comments about Scottish Independence but i just told them i’m not Scottish so i didn’t care and moved on. regret not bluffing my way through some #opinions

Very apt series number you were on btw.

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i have not

I got interviewed by local news station after the phantom menace had recently been released. I described it as “utter rubbish” and remember being very stoned.


Yes. Look North, the local area news. We were kind of tricked into going on a ban the bomb March in the mid 80s…and there was footage of me waving a placard around and looking confused.

No but there are some seriously normal bodies on that show and I’m glad it exists



Starred in a TV ad when I was 2, some Spanish travel agency

Front row in the audience for Mastermind so appeared in the background, likewise for the lottery (college trip to London, weird activity to plan for us)

Multiple walking past the window appearances on This Morning as a kid

Interviewed with Jnr on Songs of Praise

Reading a Lemn Sissay poem on North West Tonight

If films count you can spot me 3 times in Spike Island

I can’t remember what else but there’s quite a few more I think. Seem to get stopped for soundbite type stuff a lot in town, no idea where it gets used if anywhere, same goes for tours for travel shows - never see it or know if it gets used.

(In 2012 I signed a contract for my own show for a new local TV station but their bid for the channel fell through so it never happened)




Is there any video evidence of this

changed my mind making this public @moderators can you remove?


Yes, I was a judge on the Blue Peter book awards when I was about 12.


:+1: Journey friends! :+1:

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i’ve 69’d the series 69 winner too :clown_face: god I fancy him