Have you ever applied for a job that you were totally unqualified for?

If so, what happened, anything good or just a big ass rejection?

I’ve had two jobs as a legal assistant in the past
Not a clue what the law even is, still, never mind then


loads, occasionally got them and got through fine, sometimes scraped through by the skin of me steggars

Don’t think they can do that under the Equality Act.

does it specifically mention asses? @Ruffers , do you know anything about this?

Remarkably, I once got specifically headhunted for a job that I turned out to be totally unqualified for and got a big ass rejection.


was that by any chance the fault of an agency?

No, headhunted directly by the boss of the business in question.

I’m all for it

Yeah man. Applied for a social media manager job in a start up I really liked. So wasn’t qualified. I mean I was prepared to take a big pay cut too but ultimately they were like LOL FUCK OFF.

But getting lots of LOL FUCK OFFs is part of life. Glad I did it. I got through to a “second” stage where they asked me to email them my approach to X and Y and I hadn’t really got a clue.

But f you’re thinking of doing it, definitely try.

Applied for a graduate job at an engineering consultancy thing because they said that my academic background would be fine. I had my doubts, because my chemistry stuff didn’t require any maths beyond simple arithmetic, but I needed a job so went for it anyway.

I couldn’t answer even the first part of the first question on the written assessment.

Remarkably, they still invited me to interview. I didn’t go because I was convinced they were doing it so they could laugh in my face.

So I suppose you could say it went pretty well.


I was once a lifeguard at a private health club. I have never had any lifeguard training. Nobody died.


In a sense, you turned them down.

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That’s how I’m choosing to remember it.

Did you ever have to do quantum stuff in you chemistry course? (I know it’s physics but a friend had to do some, including Schrodinger’s equation and hated it.

Kind of, I guess.

When I was made redundant the only available jobs in the sector were for running large high-end residential projects. We’re talking £50m+ projects. I applied for loads and got polite rejections from a couple and silence from the rest.

Technically I was qualified enough, but I wasn’t experienced in the sector at all, and was way too junior to be running jobs of that kind of size.

Not really much of an anecdote, I’m afraid.


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in the end did you get something similar to what you’d been doing?