Have you ever been aware of someone not liking the cut of someone else's jib?




Or kn0wn someone who has?


Thanks for replying.

Every single other poster has made my list.


There are a couple of people in my department at work who don’t like each other. I assume this is the type of red-hot gossip you are after.


of course who hasn’t


Yeah I can’t believe it!

(it was more that people always like the cut of someone’s jib and don’t dislike it but then my marckeeing proved otherwise)


What even is a jib?



Hoisted a lot of jibs in my time. Never been fussed about the cut of any of 'em. Can’t speak for others though.


He’s still here but doesn’t park there anymore.

I must have lost my allure .


I know someone who used to say jib for £. Scags’ mate - can’t remember his name.


How do you know Scag?


Scags? He was mate’s with Helena’s cousin and then went out with Helena.

They had the unfortunate sobriquet of Scags and Hell-bitch. (we were quite young and horrible)


No, come to think of it.

Only people liking the cut of other people’s jibs. You’ve made me think.