Have you ever been in the situation. Where you lost your keys and your mobile phone?

Yes :pensive:

I’m going to tempt fate here, but I have never lost either.

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At the same time?

No, once.

Yes. New Year 2018. After going home from the pub I somehow ended up with someone else’s keys and spent about 20 confusing minutes trying to open my door in an increasingly manic drunken state until I realised I had my mate’s keys who lived about a 30 minute walk away. Realised at this point I had also lost my phone and was wearing a tiny leather jacket that wasn’t mine. Walked to my mate’s, let myself in and woke him up asking if he had my keys, which luckily he did, and told him about the jacket but he didn’t know whose it was and to this day remains a mystery. Stopped by maccy ds on the way home to get some chicken selects only to realise they were serving breakfast and that I’d spent 4 hours walking the streets instead of just the 1 hour it felt like. Went home again and finally got in and got some sleep. Went back to the pub the next day and they had my phone :slight_smile:


Night before my 30th, got absolutely hideously drunk, left my phone in a taxi. Had a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen the next day, so went to that and basically made my girlfriend go to the cabbie’s house to get it back. Between that and my appalling drunkenness she (told me years later) almost broke up with me. Not sure I would’ve blamed her tbh.

Never lost my keys but once a key snapped in the lock. My flatmate was away and as this happened at about half midnight on a weeknight obviously almost everybody was asleep. That was a fun night.

that’s a weird place for a full stop