Have you ever been mistaken for a celeb?

Seeing as there’s a bunch of celeb chat happening today. Have you ever been asked for an autograph? Invited somewhere vip?

I used to get mistaken for Kelly Osbourne all the time when she was first famous. People were so excited and I felt really bad having to say “sorry I’m just a normal person”

A lot of people thought I was Beth Ditto as well which makes sense. Occasionally we would be in the same place at the same time and you could see visible confusion on everyone’s’ faces

A few years ago a guy on the tube thought I was Sofie Hagen. They weren’t even that famous then but I was really flattered by the comparison cos Sofie is extremely cool



I used to sometimes get mistaken for Jack Osbourne, I’m guessing around the same time!


Not me but someone shouted CONNOR MCGREGOR at my husband once


Starslinger at a gig at the brudenell, didn’t even know who he was.

Girl “hey are you starslinger?”
Me “who? no”
Girl “haha yeah i get that you don’t want to be bothered but i really like your stuff”
Me “Honestly i’m not him”
Girl “No need to be a prick about it, fine i’ll leave you alone but you should treat fans better”


British couple in Dublin were convinced that I was either in Harry Potter or Countdown. Wouldn’t listen to me saying I wasn’t. Took a photo with them anyway.

One of the Mikey or Mikes from one of the Big Brother UKs

Used to get told I looked like Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol a lot, only once did someone approach and ask me if I actually was him though

A bloke in a pub I once saw someone vom out of the window onto the street once thought I was the main guy from the Inbetweeners and told me off for swearing so much on the TV


A drunk guy approached me at 2 in the morning in the pissing rain after a Four Tet gig and asked me if I was Viper Higgins


Never even heard of any of these guys before.


He’s a shlippery shnake


Countdown, the longest running show on Channel 4?


Oh right, I didn’t see the ‘in’ and thought they were saying either Harry Potter or Countdown. Figured it must be some producer or something.

Not a celeb but I was at a gig once and a guy called R.S.A.G. played, he has a cool live show where he plays drums and sings while videos of him playing all the other instruments flash up on screens behind him.

Only about 30 seconds after he left the stage a girl approached me and said “Was that all you then?”

Took me a minute of asking what she was on about to realise she thought I was him. I’d been standing in that same spot drinking a pint the whole way through his set.


stop being a prick starslinger


someone at a festival once asked me if i was in dinosaur pileup a couple of hours after they’d played. i was like, no i dont even know what they look like but i guess one of them looks like me? and she was like yeah ok, your set was really good

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just googled this starslinger guy and he looks like you and hes a manc, so you should really treat your fans better starslinger

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dinosaur pileup arent really famous tho

Rich coming from a man with a huge photo album of people who aren’t you. :smiley:

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:smiley: i think they got added to it after that tbf

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