Have you ever been mistaken for a celeb?

Once got my hog roast roll upgraded to a baguette for free at Reading festival because they thought I was one half of Rizzle Kicks


Got asked if I was in Stranger Things at the bar of Brudenell last year (lookalike hotspot) Laughed and said “erm, obviously not” cos I thought they must be talking about one of the kids on it, apparently they thought I was this guy who was in it way after I stopped watching.


He is a similar age to me, English and has sort of similar hair, it was still a ludicrously generous lookalike shout though - I’ll take it.

Once I was getting a flight to Newcastle from London and this guy kept staring at me then talking really loudly about how he set up the first ever Donna Air fansite in the early days of the internet.

I wondered why he was talking about it but didn’t cotton on until after we got of the plane and went to baggage reclaim when he asked for my autograph because he thought I was Donna Air. When I said I wasn’t her he asked if I wanted to go for a drink with him and I said no again.


for a while people on here said I looked like that goalkeeper from Liverpool Football Club I think


so does severed, but you don’t really look like severed


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I like the thought that two people can look like one other person but not look like each other though, that’s very interesting imo


Like the guy from Rizzle Kicks couldn’t ask for a baguette if he’d prefer! That’s too filling for a guy about to go on stage and wow crowds.

People used to think I looked like Chris Martin when I was in my early twenties. Once some people got their photo taken with me. I’m pretty sure they thought I was the real deal despite the fact he was a multi millionaire and I was hanging out in a shit Lincoln nightclub.

My mate at uni got mistaken for Noel Fielding constantly but he was leaning into it hard.

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I don’t even know if they were playing and I was very under the influence so just nodded and said “safe”


I’ve had groups of teens yell “hey it’s Peter Crouch” multiple times while out running.
Once I stopped running 6x a week and became significantly less emaciated this has abated.

Some cunts at Reading were like omg you’re in The View!!

Would like to say I was shaken but I kept the big hair for another 5 years or so

Same! Then I grew my hair longer and looked quite a lot like Hurley from Lost. A group of people out there somewhere, who, presumably drunkenly, wouldn’t accept that I wasn’t him, may still have a photo of them with me at Glastonbury 2007.

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Olly Murs ffs.

Around 2010 - 2014. Every night out seemingly.

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Eli Manning. I look absolutely nothing like him :grinning:

This was at summer camp I worked at in New York. It happened more than once.

Andy Murray, due to scowling a lot? I maybe look a little more like him.

allison becker? i do see it tbf

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i’m sad i googled because i assumed starslinger was a wrestler

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Stephen Merchant - quite frequently for a few years, then never again. Think I had similar glasses to his and we’re both tall and blonde with a disappointing chin.

Quite often Karl Pilkington when he had tv shows out. Always got the drunken tap on the shoulder at the bar “Here mate, do you know who you look like?”

Big Jeff thought I was the singer from Pile, about 5 minutes after just watching Pile

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it’s a very cute name for a wrestler