Have you ever been on a plane and


… the oxygen masks have been deployed?

Like either a legit cabin pressure drop or accidental mechanical fault or something?

Just never really hear of it happening do you?


yeah. they accidentally came down.

they can’t put them back again until they land so had to fly about with them hanging there.


Was there mass panic or that? Did you think your number was up?


Were you tempted to try them on?


I think I’d spend the whole time pretending to be Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet


no, the pilot came on the mic pretty quick (or maybe even before?) and said everything was fine so everyone was pretty calm


It was apparently meant to be helium in there but dennis hopper refused to do it


Kind of. He felt that helium wouldn’t be Frank’s choice of drug, and Lynch agreed.

(plus it would have made him sound too comedic)