Have you ever been spontaneously applauded by strangers?

It’s never happened to me and I’m starting to feel like I’m the weird one.

I can even recall incidents where someone has done something good, but I’ve never applauded them, it just didn’t seem like the appropriate response.

Have you ever been spontaneously applauded by strangers?
  • Yes.
  • Maybe, I cannot confirm the applause was definitely for me.
  • I cannot remember.
  • No.
  • Other (somehow).

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After giving a performance or speech does not count.

Not really.

Kicked some annoying/abusive/violent people out of busy pubs at various points and everyone else loves it.




Yeah, working behind a bar when you smash a glass and everyone claps and goes waaahheeeyyyy and stuff

Never for doing something heroic, but I feel like that’ll happen at some point


That’s a good point, I think I can recall some incidents of people doing this sort of thing when there’s a lot of alcohol involved.

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Probably accidentally fell over revealing my bare ass or something and triggered sarcastic applause at some point in my life.

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Happens every time I leave the house


I’m assuming that competing in a sporting event or winning an award also do not count?

I once caught a tennis ball one handed while sat in the crowd at Wimbledon and people started clapping. That was a bit embarrassing.


Ha, probably says a lot about me that I hadn’t even considered either of these things (but yeah, they don’t count in this case either).

Oh, I did pretend the NHS claps were for me.


Didn’t even get a round of applause from the assembled throng of onlookers when I rescued my stupid dog (who I love very much) from the Taff last year. What do you have to do to get a round of applause around here?

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I was clapping for National Hero Spaceman


Captain Gin

Just remembered I threw an empty can into a bin from an apparently impressive distance at a hotelier gig in Philly and two drunk lads clapped it.

Throwing an entire cab anywhere is some effort really.



During the clapping era, my girlfriend only made it home from work in time on one occassion, and it was just as the clapping was starting, so it looked like she was being applauded as she walked from the car and up our path.


I thought I was during the summer when I was out for an evening walk and was very disconcerted for a few seconds until I realised it was 8pm on a Thursday. It didn’t help that it was a small side road and lots of them were staring at me. I pretended to be on the phone and hurried out