Have you ever been stuck in a lift?

  • Yes
  • No

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My colleague got stuck in one today, I got stuck in one as a child, fireman saved me


There have been plenty of opportunities in work though, which is partly when I don’t use it.




The lifts at university used to break down all the time. Got stuck in there with a model of the Ouseburn valley once.


I have not, but (and perhaps rather weirdly) it’s one of those things I’d love to happen.


I put yes

It’s happened a few times due to dodgy workplace lifts - but I’ve always been released within a few minutes

Does that count as stuck?


Yep. 45 minutes with two mates. Luckily we had phones and no one needed to pee. Or poo, for that matter.


Yep been stuck in a lift.

Also been stuck in a paternoster.


My boyfriend and I got stuck in a lift in Berlin and I really needed a poo and he really needed a wee.


Got stuck in one just after it started descending, so we were slightly between floors. Had to pull open the doors and jump up and out - could have been nasty if the lift had started again.


i definitely have been but I don’t remember when. Probably in school…


Did you both hold it in?


We did. Although it was close. We were on our way to a rooftop pub thing and I think there might have been only one toilet. I didn’t even ask if he minded I went first.

I now never get into a lift if I even slightly need a poo or a wee. Even at work.


U should never do that as there was an incident in a M&S service lift where a staff member got decapitated when trying to climb out of the lift when it stopped between floors and then restarted.


Yep. Got stuck in a 4 person lift with 5 people in it in Athens. Must’ve been 30 something degrees outside. Possibly the worst thing ever.


Despite having lots of contact with lifts throughout my varied and wonderful life, I’ve only ever known lifts to fail here where I work at a University. They are essentially never working and seem to only exist so technically we’re not in breach of disability laws.




Although if you’re an architect maybe that’s about the same thing?


lovely contours…


Always thought getting stuck in a lift would be fine as I could have a sit down, read my book or play games on my mobile.

Actually got stuck in a lift with 9 other colleagues, including my heavily pregnant boss. It was HELL.