Have you ever been stung by a bee/wasp?

  • Yes, I’ve been stung by a bee.
  • Yes, I’ve been stung by a wasp.
  • Yes, I’ve been stung by both.
  • No.

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Used to get pretty bad reactions to stings, they’d puff up really big and stick around for ages. When I was 5 a wasp flew up my nose and stung my nostril from the inside. That wasn’t fun


Have been stung multiple times. Last time was when a wasp flew up my sleeve on the way into Electric Picnic a few years ago. It stung me and I just kept on walking. I’m tough me.


I got stung by a bee once.

£50 for a jar of honey!

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Been done by a wasp 3 times…

Lay down on the floor when I was a little’un right on top of one of the fuckers and it stung my belly.

Another stung my eyebrow whilst asleep, again as a child.

Finally, about 5 years ago I stood on one barefoot. I’d imagine stepping on a hot, rusty nail is quite similar.

Horrible, pointless little cunts. Hope they all die.


got stung by three wasps in one go putting a carton of ribena in a bin at haltwhistle outdoor pool. the chlorine did wonders for the stings.


Been stung by both whilst out riding the bike.

Bee - flew into my collarbone area and stung me. Had to pull the bee out and get the sting out on the side of the road. Had a bit of a reaction to that one.

Wasp - flew into my earlobe when I was riding the first stage of the 2014 TdF in Yorkshire. Fucking hurt for weeks, bastards.




Considering how scqred folk are they don’t actually sting a lot. Think I’ve been stung by a live bee once and a dead wasp once.


got woken up by a wasp, swatted it in just-woken delerium, but in its death throes, it embedded itself in my little toe, the fucker.



Had a wasp fall down the collar of my shirt while I was stood on South Tottenham railway station platform.

It stung me in the armpit three times before I was able to take my shirt off to kill it. I must have looked pretty odd to everyone else waiting for the train.

It didn’t hurt too much when it happened, but the location of the sting meant that it swelled up and was so itchy.


I picked it up with kitchen roll but the stinger poked into my finger a bit. Didn’t get right in and snap off fortunately


I think I’ve outdone myself here. Most boring post of the year?


I hate wasps so much. I used to have nightmares about them when I was a kid. Why are they such utter bastards? Why can’t their population decline instead of nice things like dormice and hedgehogs?


I meant both, I meant both. I desrved the wasp sting, when I was a three year old spraying what I thought only to be a fly with a spritzer. The bee was when I was stewarding the 2006 British GP. It landed on my shirt and stung me. At the time I felt bad as I assumed I’d taken its life however I later found out bumble bees don’t die after stinging, they just chose not to. I hold keine grudges.


i fell on a wasp and squashed it and it stung me