Have you ever been to chingford?

  • Yes, once
  • No

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i go frequently!

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I may have cycled through it but not really sure.

there is one DiSer I know of that hails from there

ooo, exciting!

Isn’t that Meowington’s manor?

:wave: I live in South Chingford (though i usually lie and say I live in Walthamstow)


I currently live in Chingford Hatch. :wave:

Though we’re hopefully moving closer to Highams Park in the next few months because it’s much less racist and has a nice beer/wine shop.

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I occasionally go to the driving range in Chingford

I went near there on a bus once, in so much as I was somewhere in London. Alas, I’ve never managed to go to Chingford itself.

My old housemate from uni lived in Highams Park. So actually it’s a “nearly”

You’re not missing much.

Good things about Chingford
Proximity to Epping Forest
25 minutes direct to Liverpool Street

Bad things about Chingford
Pretty much everything else but special shout out to Iain Duncan Smith

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as it happens it was a trip to a forest when i almost manged to go, except I think I we went to Hainault forest, so were much further away. Don’t think anyone I went with still posts on here, so there’s absolutely no way I’ll ever find out.

+Semi-decent driving range

+not in London anymore

HUGE positive IMO

-literal sea of tories, obviously

Fair shout Chingford will go RED at the next GE


might be more forest if there were less driving range though, so :-1:

Driving range is in a resi bit just off the North Circ. Think all the houses were there first so bulldoze those I guess. Also Epping Forest is fucking massive - you’ve got enough forest!