Have you ever been to [obviously rubbish chain] polls and also anecdotes



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Nandos[poll max=2 public=true]

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  • fuck no


I was sceptical about going to Bierkeller.

But then I had a few steins of exceptional strength pilsner and ended up stood on a table dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe so everything worked out.


I have spent a remarkable amount of time in the Walkabout in Newquay.


Went to the one in Old St. Squashed in back to back with massive groups of city boys leering at the waitresses. Never again.


JD Wetherspoons

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  • Yes but not since brexit

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Is that the Bavarian Beerhouse? Think Bierkeller’s a different chain (could be wrong) but either way I’ve been there once and it felt as if I was in touching distance of hell the entire time I was in there. A uniquely awful place full of horrendous people.


Oh youre right! Brb changing my vote



  • Yes - cheap and cheerful, would recommend
  • Yes - and the car park was full of Audis and BMWs you know
  • Yes - despite the total and utter lack of anything resembling customer service
  • No - how dare you

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Yates’s Wine Lodge (as an adult)

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blame ruffers


That’s my motto


try quite hard to avoid them, but I’ve been in one before


I want to say “fuck no” but got convinced to go there by an easily-impressed Australian. Rubbish place.



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The Cheeky Girls are playing live at the Sheffield Bierkeller next month!


here’s some stuff you didn’t know from Yates’s Wine Lodge wikipedia page:

  • Oldest pub chain in the UK (founded 1880s)
  • “Peter Yates (born 22 April 1854), the founder, […] was sent to Spain to learn about wine, and his brother went to the US to learn about business methods.”
  • “In earlier times, it invented its own range of drinks which it called Blobs, which consisted of sweet Australian wine and brandy, (a fortified wine), sugar, lemon and hot water.”


If it’s not the Rednex I am NOT interested.


will lembit opik be there