Have you ever bought drugs from the dark web?

Inspired by the brilliantly-headlined article “Is your postman delivering drugs?”

Poll is anonymous, obvs.

  • Yes
  • No

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You’re not fooling me, Narcy McNarcerson.


Been tempted to try it for years but I’ve always felt like the risk outweighs the potential reward of it. Most drugs that I want to take can be found nearby if I look hard enough.

What’s the URL for the dark web?


www.thedarkweb.com I presume. And then it’s probably just a dropdown menu



on a side note, I did find this two part article about the silk road really interesting. the coens are making a film based on them supposedly

I wouldn’t trust it and it seems a bit penoidy

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no, only food, household items, general groceries and that sort of thing


My mate bought “legal” drugs off there, one night he ran out of his house naked and a girl called the police for indecent exposure. He ended up doing community service

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“Talk of better prices and improved purity will continue to spread and eat away at the offline market”. Oh no! Let’s put a stop to it to ensure that users are getting tainted street drugs for inflated prices via petit criminals.


proper dealers, proper haircuts, proper drugs


Mate of mine* does this. It arrives in one of those tiny shampoo bottles from hotels, addressed to their old housemate who was a complete dick.

*Genuinely isn’t me, I’m not cool enough and I’ve no idea how Bitcoin works.

The best, and best value, things I’ve had have been through dark net markets.

Total crapshoot trying new sites/vendors, though. Silk Road was legit but whats sprung up in its wake is often pretty much what you’d expect from a bunch of criminals selling drugs on the internet

Some are normal sized




i fancy buying something off it, could i get my phone there?

:flushed: :joy:

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A few mates bought drugs off it last year and got them delivered to their AirBnB in Barcelona. They completely miscalculated and spent as much as they normally would at home and ended up with loads of the stuff. Couldn’t give it away.

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I’ve heard the drugs are pretty POIS quality!