Have you ever called a stranger out in public?


My mate was telling me how in London the other week he saw a business man knock over an older lady running for his tube. I’m well mild mannered (scared of getting lamped) but if I saw that I think I would try flag the guy down and say something

have you ever done this


Only on Facebook.

Occasionally yelled at passing cars being shitty, but nothing that would result in an actual confrontation.


yelled at a cyclist to get off the pavement after they nearly ran me over.

Was quite fun to experience a brief moment of pure rage.


Yeah, some post brexit train racist


Loads of times. Mainly for littering, pushing people at tube/train stations, abusing beggars, giving out racist abuse.

Told off a couple of teenagers last night for letting off fireworks in the street when there were small kids walking about trick or treating.



Bloke was racially abusing a bus driver on the night bus to chorlton at piccadilly bus station. My missus ran over to him and started shouting at him to stop, bloke threatened my missus and i dragged him off the bus and twatted him.

Bus driver said thanks, other passengers were silent bus was full



It did not end well for me so I generally don’t do it any more.


Yeah for littering mainly.

As I don’t live in London I don’t really see that many terrible things.


A few times. Called a woman a snide prick for mispronouncing ciabatta in Starbucks yesterday.


Loads of awful drivers beeping me on my bike. Latest one was on Saturday as I was going into Brighton. The incident happened in full view of a police car.


Occasionally, depending on confidence levels. Usually if someone is littering or has jumped the queue etc.

Watched this episode of the Sopranos last night:


I’ve never had that kind of reaction at all. Must be because I look like I can take care of myself.


Glared at some guys who were harassing people at the train station, got fully beaten up for my trouble. Another time some pub racist asked me what I was looking at and I replied ‘some p***k’ it started an almost bar room brawl situation. So I am a bit wary of saying stuff nowadays


[quote=“WizardLizard, post:13, topic:8011”] or has jumped the queue etc.


Will always call out queue jumping get irate and swear.

Jump queues myself like but that’s not the point


No but I’ve called the police before when I saw doings a transpiring



I read that as “Some punk” at first and thought that was pretty damn cool of you.


See when you say jump queues, like are you just joining friends that are already lining up or are you just cutting in?


Just reminded me of the bit at the pool table in dead man’s shoes