Have you ever cheated at anything?

Had some mad dreams last night about the Coughing Major and the whole Millionaire thing, and have been reading about it all day. Have you ever cheated at anything? Exams, quizzes, games, partners, anything you like.

Someone made a Tecwen Whittock reference to me yesterday, how weird.

Really?! Were you coughing a lot?

I was! I had to momentarily leave an interview I was taking as I got a tickly throat and then someone went on about Tecwen Whittock while I was having a glass of water.

Nah, never needed to.

Too many things to keep count of

GCSE French Oral. Non, Je ne regrette rien.


Yesterday I wouldn’t have understood that reference, but today I could easily give a nuanced discussion of his past medical history.

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Spelling test when I was about 10. Most annoying thing was that Robert who sat next to me blatantly copied my answers (as if that weasel knew how to spell “necessarily”) and I couldn’t really get annoyed in case karma struck me down.

One collar, two sleeves.

Or is it two cuffs, one sleeve?

We used to do a music quiz back in the 90s at a pub in Purley, and I kept a copy of the Guinness book of Hit Singles in my car that I could nip out to if we were stuck.

Why do you think somebody gave up on this parody account after two tweets?


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Difficult time to be trying to launch a Tecwen Whittock parody account really, bit too early for the window where that sort of thing would have been extremely successful.

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I’ve done this exact same thing at a pub quiz :open_mouth:

Well, not quite exact - I was at The Harvester in Riverhead rather than a pub in Putney, but very similar nonetheless…

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At first year of university there was a quiz in our halls of residence. There was one a few months prior and me and my mates didn’t go, but we heard that the bunch of absolute pricks (clever ones admittedly) who were on the adjacent corridor had won comfortably. So when the next one rolled around we were like “yeah we’ll do 'em” and went in for it.

Was pretty tense in there. Half way scores had us and the pricks from the other corridor level JOINT FIRST. Awesome. Anyway at the end after the last question was read out and there’s that bit for 5 minutes before the sheets go in where you go back over your answers and whatnot, my mate was like “Nah the answer we’ve put to one of the questions is wrong”. So unbeknownest to me (the guy writing the answers down) he went upstairs to his computer, got the answer (it was Amerigo Vespucci, can’t remember the question) wrote it down on a bit of A4 fucking paper and came back and handed it to me. Fucking idiot. That table of pricks saw him do it and were all like “CHEATS! THEY’RE CHEATING” and came over. Few of the lads started genuinely scrapping, quizmaster (big lad) had to get in the middle of it all. Chaos.

Anyway the quizmaster read out all the scores. We were disqualified for cheating (rightly). If not, we’d have won by half a point.

Not sure what the moral is here. I mean, don’t cheat. But if you are gonna cheat don’t be a total plum about it.


Cheating on a pub quiz is exceptionally poor form. Exams, relationships, the Tour de France = all fine, but you just don’t cheat at a pub quiz.


Actually I’ve got a genuine question.

About a year or so ago I discovered this website that generates Free Pub Quizzes on a fortnightly basis. You can just download them for free off their website. There’s loads of these sites but every fortnight I’ll go on this particular one and see if I can get > 50% of the questions right. Yeah I’m a loser, get over it.

I’ve recently started going monthly to this pub quiz near where a mate of mine lives and… the last 2 quizzes I’ve noticed that the quizmaster clearly mines a not-unsubstantial number of questions from the same website I mention above. We came second by a whisker last time because I knew about 10 answers I perhaps wouldn’t have had it not been for the above website.

I’m not going to stop either going on this website once a fortnight, nor am I going to stop going to this quiz once a month. Am I

  • Cheating
  • Not Cheating

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Genuinely can’t work it out.

Oh totally agree. I was LIVID when my mate did that.

(And hence why I’ve asked the subsequent question)

Option C: worse than Hitler


I think it’s poor form on the behalf of the quizmaster really, you’ve got every right to exploit it. I occasionally write and read a pub quiz, but always try and write new questions. They’re often a bit niche, but there isn’t any cheating!