Have you ever cheated at anything?


Tough one this. I usually check Wikipedia before our quizzes because the bloke who does it is a big fan of “on this day in…” type questions, which seems fair because I doubt anyone would really know the day that Boris Yeltsin was elected. Looking up the actual questions seems just the wrong side of the line though.


So I’ve been to this quiz 4 times. Twice I think they’ve gotten questions from this website; twice not. And it’s not the entire quiz either, more like 10-12 questions out of 60 on both occasions. There’s no guarantee any will show up, and less of a guarantee I’ll actually remember any of them.

I mean is it cheating if you know there’s a current affairs round at a quiz you’re going to to religiously read all the newspapers in the days prior?


Yeah but that’s not really what I’m doing. I mean I could just stop doing this crappy quiz for jerks on the internet but I quite enjoy it.


Afternoon officer.


Life in general.


You’re aware that you’re gaining an advantage over others who don’t know so, yeah, you’re cheating. It depends whether you genuinely prefer the winning to the taking part. Is the prize worth it? Our local used to give away a £20 voucher for their own pretty unpleasant food, so there was not real incentive other than the “thrill” of winning.

…and, yeah, why be a quizmaster if you can’t be arsed to write your own questions? Unless it’s someone who works behind the bar and isn’t getting paid any more.


53% of DiSers say otherwise buddy!

There is an undermonitored element of pub quiz cheating though, and that is teams with CLEARLY more than the allowed amount on them. Happens all the time.


Borrowed quite liberally from my friend’s GCSE maths coursework when I was completely out of my depth. Think I ended up getting a higher mark than him just because I presented it better.


Aye, it’s all subjective. Just say you’re doing it “in the spirit” of the game and you’re fine :wink:

At least it’s inventive - better than folk looking up their phones.


I don’t see any difference between this and Scrabble people learning all the weird words that only scrabble nerds know - and I thought it was pretty common practice for Pub Quiz geeks to bone up on common questions. That’s all you are doing really


It’s more an advantage acquired by coincidence I suppose. I think I can settle on a position that acknowledges that the advantage gained is slightly unfair, but not one which renders me History’s Greatest Monster.


It’s more akin to using past exam papers for revision, if you do enough of them then chances are the same or similar questions come up in the real thing. If the examiner/quizmaster borrows material from previous papers/online quizzes then it’s not your fault.


Yeah I did an exam at university (on Wittgenstein, in case anyone was doubting I was dead clever) and the question was word for word the same as the question from the exam paper a year or two prior that I’d been using for revision. Got a First in that exam (again, dead clever).


Occasionally go to a pub quiz with my housemates. One of them is a fucking cheat. Try not to go if he is coming as whenever he gets back from the toilet he has miraculously thought of one of the answers.


Used to be on a team with one of these, they’re the worst. Think the best was when he had a revelatory moment and picked out Max von Sydow in the picture round; he thought it was Michael Parkinson before he went for that shit…


It’s even worse when you can’t tell if he has cheated too, like if I’ve been at the bar and I come back and a few answers have been added I’m wary of how the answers came about.

Just a terrible thing to be doing innit


Yeah it’s not just immoral, it’s completely pointless. There are scant few feelings better than winning a (genuinely competitive) pub quiz on merit. Scant few. If you’ve been mining your phone during it then seriously what joy does that give you?


a pub near me has started doing a phone app based pub quiz - where the teams answer the questions on their phones and its all about speed of answering. It basically eliminates cheating cos by the time you’ve googled the answer under the table it’s too late

I’ve not been - apparently its super popular though


No, I’m a firm believer in fairness.


Funnily enough, there was a round on Wittgenstein in our local pub quiz the other week…