Have you ever cheated on a partner?


obviously, this is unforgivable and the act of a massive cunt, but hey…it might make for a debate of sorts

I have. was living with this girl in my late 20’s. she was really lovely and what have you, but incredibly dull. no spontaneity whatsoever. incredibly intelligent, but happy to watch all the soaps from hollyoaks all the way through to the last one. sex was very dull, too. she had body issues, which were frankly ridiculous in my eyes, but hey, I sympathised.

during this time, I started email flirting with a girl in work. it was exciting man! started off with ccrap like ‘having a nice day’ or ‘man, you look amazing today’ but slowly moved onto more sexual shit.

this went on for quite a few months and I’m gonna be honest - I was falling deeply for this girl.

a little while later I was having a cards night with the ladzzzzzzzzz and she texted me to say she was out on the town…and why don’t we hook up. I ignored this at the time, but as the night went on and the whiskys and spliffs flowed, I was more tempted by the idea.

so I rocked up later and we kissed and what have you. didn’t go any further than that and I went home, like a fucking boss*.

next morning I woke up with a) the most disgusting hangover ever and b) an incredible feeling of guilt. worse thing was, my gf was really sweet abbout me being hungover and this made me feel triple(y) bad. how could I do this to this wonderful person?

gonna park this for now. there is much, much more about this tale of woe to come. I’ll pop back later, if anyone cares…




Nope, was the cheatee though which was extremely bad.


Nope, but been groundlessly accused of it a couple of times, which is nice.


once (ish). Was quite a casual relationship. I told her the next time I saw her and we split up, which neither of us were particularly unhappy about.
We remained friends through uni and bonked occasionally, haven’t seen/heard from her since


never once


I don’t think so. The only reason I say think is because it was in the early stages of what would go on to be a proper relationship, before we’d decided that we were seeing each other exclusively (although we never really did discuss that). I was never asked about it and never volunteered it so I’m pretty sure it’s fine.


Never. Never will either and can say that with utter confidence.


yes. and I learnt my lesson and would never do it again


yes, but on both occasions the relationship was at the breaking point of no return and ended without me having to reveal the bad thing.


that must be the pits, man. I fessed up to the GF. probably a stupid idea, but I thought it was the right thing to do.

still don;t know whether I should have done that. ignorance is bliss? dunno!


I meant I was the other person when someone was cheating on their partner as opposed to me having been cheated on.

Honesty is the best policy isn’t it? People say that anyway.


No, but only because the opportunity has never arisen. Don’t think anyone can ever completely rule it out. People who say they’d absolutely never cheat are the most likely strayers, imho. I’d like to think i’d never hurt someone if i loved them, but y’know, you might just meet someone you like a lot more, or drop your guard and regret it later. It happens. Silly thing to judge people on, i think.


I have not.

Do sort of understand how it can happen though. Am certain I would never do it. Don’t know how I’d respond if it were done to me.


Nah. Don’t have it in me. Would probably sooner break it off with anyone if I thought there was a chance. Didn’t even have multiple partners whilst in a non-monogamous relationship. Ah well.


No, and I wouldn’t. I’ve been on the receiving end, and I wouldn’t inflict that on another person.


can’t like this post, but I’m liking it


Whilst I’m not in general a fan of never say never, there’s certain red lines for everyone and that’s one for me.

Not saying I’m not completely immune to temptation, but this idea that there are scenarios where it’s impossible not to surrender to it are ridiculous.


Once, when I was going out with the sweetest, nicest girl ever. Still feel pretty guilty about it today.


No…one is enough to handle on a daily basis…AM I RIGHT LADZ!!!



Edit: just seen your reply up thread.