Have you ever complained in a restaurant before

I haven’t but I’d love to

No. I’ve had not warm food put on my table but I don’t like complaining and just get it eaten, not complain but tip nonetheless.

The worse people are those arseholes that think being at a restaurant allows them to be “served” and look for any reason to have a go at staff. Fuck those people.

No, I do that very British thing of saying nothing and then slagging the place off to everyone I know.


Yes I have

Actually, no, tell a lie, I did once send back a meal as the chicken was raw inside. Think that’s reasonable enough though.


I did a few weeks ago. I had ordered a veggie pizza, let’s say number 25 on the menu. The person who took my order misheard me, and thought I’d ordered number 26 which was the gorgonzola pizza.

Friends, I cannot stand blue cheese.

It took me a while before I realised — I just knew that something was OFF about it, I could hardly finish a bite, and once I’d realised there was blue cheese on it I tried to eat around that as much as possible. Most of it, like 2/3rds, was just genuinely inedible to me though.

I was in a bit of a rush at this point, so just went to pay and asked the man on the till (not same person who took my order) whether there was actually blue cheese on the veggie pizza I’d ordered and whether it was listed in the menu, because I wouldn’t have knowingly ordered something with blue cheese and wanted to know if I’d just missed it or what. At this point the toung man who did take my order comes up, realises I’m «complaining», and is like «yeah you ordered number 26, the gorgonzola pizza», he was clearly a bit annoyed. I said no, I ordered number 25, I don’t like blue cheese. Tried to be as polite as I could but the waiter was getting very annoyed. The man on the till (the manager, I think) was like ahh, you should’ve said, we’d’ve made you a new one! But I had somewhere to be so that wasn’t an option for me. Asked for a discount on the disastrous meal and ended up accepting like £3 off even though the fault was clearly theirs and I’d expected like, half off or something.

Hate complaining obviously but sometimes you just have to

A few times, for the standard sort of stuff (food not cooked properly, getting charged for stuff we didn’t have, nearly a foot of copper wire in the scrambled eggs).


No ill eat any old shite (that isnt meat)

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Also remember once telling the waiter, quite apologetically as I was about to leave, that the pizza (again) I’d had there was literally wet underneath from too much sauce or topping or something. They were like oh, ok and thenbrings out the fucking chef who’s like, is there something wrong with my food now!?!?

Great times

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Does politely pointing out that something is missing/not right with your order count as complaining?

Never complain, never explain.

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Went for lunch with Mrs F once and her burger was basically raw in the middle, told the waitress and she took it away to replace. About 15 minutes went by and I’d finished mine and we needed to go shortly so I went up to the bar and got a refund from a different staff member, then when we were walking out the door the original waitress called us back and was like “omg I’m really sorry your burger is ready now if you still want it” and Mrs F didn’t want to pass up a free burger so we sat back down and when she brought the burger over it was still massively undercooked so I went and silently handed it back to the waitress, laughed quite loudly when she basically said we were being fussy and we left.


Yes, for errors on bill, getting the wrong dish etc but I’ve never sent anything back to the kitchen - too much risk of the chef returning it with a ‘special’ added ingredient.

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Yesterday!!! I asked for no beans on my breakfast and then it came out with beans and I went “Ah. Beans” and the lady remembered that I’m no beans so took it back and brought one back no beans.

Yeah, I will complain if I’m waiting more than about 35-40 mins for a course. Tend to walk out if I get seated and they haven’t done drink orders within about 15 mins. I’m here because I’m hungry, feed me.

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Complained in an email about a place once but no, never live.

Of course.


Have done it a few times, veeeeeeery politely though. They gave my lactose intolerant ex a cheese dressing despite her going into great detail with the waiter about which dressings didn’t have dairy in them.

Tampopo gave me a delicious curry topped with a bucket of red peppers which weren’t mentioned in the ingredients on the menu (red pepper gives me vesuvius-ass within seconds of them passing my lips).

Once got arsey when drunk at Litte Yang Sing in town when they brought my food 10 minutes after my mate had finished eating. Felt proper remorseful after and made us go back in the middle of the night out so i could apologise.


I’d only ever complain if food was served raw or unsafe to eat. Anything else I’d try and have some empathy for the low-paid staff and if it was really bad just not go back.

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No but I’ve e-mailed complaints a few times because I’m a coward.