Have you ever considered? *Banal*

Have you ever considered how bloody daft the lyrics to the Fatman Scoop song are? Why is there someone saying they’ve never been in love like this before while the man honks on about people putting their hands in the air and stuff?

What else have you considered?

(It’s almost 3pm!)

All the chicken heads be quiet,
All the chicken heads make noise.

Make your mind up m9.


Doesn’t sound like the words of my perfect lover tbh but each to their own

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Considered buying this house until I got to the last photo



Who lives in a house like this?

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How bloody daft the lyrics to Going Up The Country by Canned Heat are.
They say that they are ‘going up the country, where the water tastes like wine’. If the water at home tasted like wine I’d be straight onto my landlord.

Crooklyn Clan!

2.25hrs left

I drank a lot of free whisky last night and i dont feel fantastic to be brutally honest with you all.

Where can I find this free whisky

You gotta edit a few dog food ads first, youngun.

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Y;know how in Billy Bragg’s biggest hit he says he doesn’t want a New England?

He basically does though, doesn’t he?

I don’t think so; I think he’s just looking for another girl tbh

Really? In his other songs he seems quite a lot to really want a New England.

Well, in Between The Wars he seems more to be wanting an old England

And in Sexuality, I think he just wants a good shag

couldn’t he just move to Rhode Island?

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Anyone remember the Thong Song? What the hell was he going on about??

crooklyn clan is such a great name for a group