Have you ever considered? *Banal*

He certainly had a lot to say.

Y’know when someone refers to, usually sweet foodstuffs, as “these things are like crack”?

What % of people who say that do you think have actually taken crack. I’m thinking fewer than 2%.

Crack’s not as moreish as pringles

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would substituting crack for some other addictive drug be acceptable?

‘these crisps are like heroin, man’.

You know why that is Ruffers it’s because of the absence of an accompanying slogan which acts as social norming/reinforcement.

“Once you smoke you can’t revoke”

Doesn’t even rhyme

“Consume until you puke” would work for all of the above

Point is about whether or not they’ve taken said drug.

I mean you never see people going round going “Peanut M&Ms are like wacky baccy to me” do you

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Sure would. + lose friends and die.

Stop quoting my dating profile

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Are you in London yet? Seems to be pretty clear…

Looks nicer than Lewisham tbf

i considered staying here until 5 but i don’t think i will

41 mins

blaze it!
no, wait

You are, they’ve removed the photo now :frowning:

What am I missing here?!

EDIT: oh, it’s gone? Boooo

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you ever considered sleeping in a hammock?

Only ever tried one out, took me about 40 minutes to get in so yes deeply considered never getting out again just to make the effort worth it.

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