Have you ever done a master class



and did you become a master afterwards?


Did a class that taught me to refer to low level judges as “Master”, if that counts.


was it advertised as a master class? I’m interested in them because I see a lot of them about but I can’t help but feel that there isn’t much substance to the “master” bit tagged on.


It was not.


Just what I thought. We have all we need here, let’s close his down.


did a circus master class

i can confirm i am not a master at circus acts. If anything i was really shit at it and my boyfriend got very annoyed at me for not being a good acro partner and accidentally pinching his balls with my toe


That last line has more than made this thread worthwhile.


Bow to your sensei!


his (cyclist) thighs are rock hard and that does not make for a good acro partner…but apparently it’s my fault for not taking care around the balls