Have you ever drunk a cup of tea?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m drinking one now

This is a lie sorry
Have drank one before though


Yeah, I’ve drunk a cup of tea before.

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I’ve dronk three today


Not a whole one. Can’t stand it

got a peppermint boi on the go now

This is NOT about grammar.

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I have consumed one, but never drunk it

Can I just say fappable drinks tea so ignore her answer.

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Had a cup of tea after my op earlier, it was the fucking bomb - would get anaesthetised again just to enjoy a cup of tea that much


Fibbable, more like

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My answer is technically a lie. Have had some mint tea on holiday.

Used to be fascinated that my dad didn’t drink hot drinks. Suppose he had to leave some space for his 10 pints a night or whatever.

Think he just liked having a “thing” in retrospect, probably guzzled tea in secret in his car or something.

1/2 a day, on top of the 2/3 coffees. Too much caffeine really.


I don’t really drink hot drinks. Not a thing, just never take a notion really. I maybe have one cup of tea a year, maybe.

don’t believe any of the No votes

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The qu was have you drunk a tea. And I haven’t drunk a tea.

I’ve dranked a tea

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My dad APPARENTLY never even tried one.

He was a thing type of guy though, liked seeing the appalled faces of people who couldn’t believe he’d never even tried a cup of tea.

(I only drink chai, not ordinary tea or coffee but this is after decades of drinking loads of tea)