Have you ever entered a Win a House competition?

Seems like the sort of thing which would split these boards right down the middle between the uptight, judgemental folk and the chilled-out entertainers.

I’m all over ‘em. Couldn’t give a shiny shite if they’re a bit of a swindle. Someone wins’ em, and you’ve got to be in it or you’re a winnet.

Not bagged one yet.


Not yet but keep meaning to. Often spend an hour or so on the MSE competitions forum trying to win various things.

Is that where you pay to enter?

Think I was tempted by a hufhaus one once.

Yeah. Chuck a fiver in the pot. The seller normally gets more than the market value, but some gives the excess to charity. You’re unlikely to win, but much better odds than the lottery or pools.

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I’ve never entered one but I want the nice house in Somerset they’re always flogging.

Yes, once

I entered one a few weeks ago, think I might have even started a thread about it

edit: no I just bumped this thread

I think maybe the good folk over at Ofcom react with one eyebrow raised when they see em on telly?

I was trying to do creative thinking

yeh won loads of houses and now im a wanker




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why…you!! :smile:

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