Have you ever fired a gun?

Like an actual gun, either with blanks or real bullets. Water pistols, airguns and paintball guns etc do not count.

  • Yes
  • No but I’d quite like to
  • No and it doesn’t interest me at all

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Would quite like to go to one of those ranges they have on every street corner in the US of A and put the big headphones on and fire off a round or two down the big aisle thing. That’s about it though.


firing at someone’s feet to make them dance is a good bit imo. possibly not health and safety compliant tho


Done it twice:

Once clay pigeon shooting on a stag do, so a shotgun but apparently with reduced power or something (I guess less gunpowder)

Once for another stag do we went to BRNO because apparently the Czech republic is the only place in the EU where you can fire guns? Anyway, we fired AK-47s on a range in semi-automatic mode.

Both times were really really boring and actually not fun. The Shotgun hitting my shoulder made it ache for the rest of the day and the AK-47 got really hot and holding it for 50 rounds was long enough that again, it just became really uncomfortable.

Fuck guns.


Yeah, a few. Was part of the combined cadet force at high school. Fired live rounds in a range a number of times and blanks a lot of times on exercises and training. SA80s mainly.



35 years on the force and I’ve never had to fire my gun in anger. Can’t wait to retire at the end of the week.

but yes, once: clay-pigeon shooting before a wedding in Alabama


Fired several different guns at a range in Australia, including a 44 magnum. It was scary but fun.

Fired an AK-47 in Viet Nam and felt cheated because the sight was way off.

So, firing guns = fun, but no one should be allowed to have them in their house.

Oh, I forgot the Clay pigeon shooting.


Was supposed to do it on a stag do in Prague once but we all got too drunk beforehand and sacked it off. Was secretly delighted tbh.

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Fired a shotgun but that doesn’t count

Want a go with a glock

Played Time Crisis in an arcade fairly recently. Quite disappointing actually, all you do is shoot stuff

  • 2 handed coward option
  • Side grip

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Haha was literally just about to make this poll

“Liz Truss is just doing the best she can”

What would you be listening to when you are firing your gun?

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Shoot the Runner by Kasabian. Would have to be an outdoor range though


Same – went clay pigeon shooting on a stag do. Didn’t enjoy it whatsoever. The instructor said to me “you don’t seem to be enjoying this” and I agreed with him.


All the noodle armed quentins on dis using both hands and with big ear protectors on and maybe a gumshield for some reason. Pathetic


“If you don’t stop that I’ll shoot you you know, as long as I can find my other shinpad”