Have you ever flown in anything other than an aeroplane?

Paraglider, hang glider, helicopter, that kinda thing. Anything that could be classed as ‘flying’ that isn’t an aeroplane.

When I was about 14 I went to RAF Cosford to some air show thing cause my mate’s brother was in the RAF there and we went on a helicopter ride that lasted about 15 minutes and I’ve never been so sick as I was afterwards. Not a pleasant experience at all.


You’d better believe it buddy…

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Hold the phone… are you… are you ET?

Not yet

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Used to belong to a gliding club, went solo and was about to start training towards cross country and bronze badges before having to give it up because of other priorities (going back to uni, moving cities, saving for a deposit, etc).

Flew this exact glider for 2 hours solo above the Essex countryside. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life


No, and I don’t plan to.

No and I never will

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Yep. Helicopter.


Helicopter to the Isles of Scilly from Penzance hated it.

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And took the merc over a little bridge way too fast once

Did a helicopter tour over Rio a couple of years back and it was both incredible and terrifying.

One thing I didn’t expect was that the helicopter took off down the runway like an airplane.


also been in a helicopter, over the grand canyon/vegas strip. pretty incredible experience ngl.

Had to get picked up by the Air Ambulance once when i did a bike wrongly and broke my shoulder

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Got airlifted off a mountain once. Only time I’ve been in a chopper and can’t remember it. Disappointing

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Helicopter and glider, both as an air cadet - I got to pilot gliders a couple of times with an instructor, but they would not let me pilot the helicopter (spoilsports)

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Physically? No

Spiritually? Also no


+1 for a helicopter ride around the grand canyon in Las Vegas. Was pretty cool.

Also, my dad is really into gliding and member of a local gliding club. When i was little I went up a couple of times. From what i recall it was fine, i don’t think we were up for long though.

I was in the ATC for a bit but never ended up flying, sadly.


The thing is I probably wouldn’t even if offered the chance now as I am shit scared of the accident rate for helicopters or hot air balloons etc.

Like I accept the real chance if dreadful death in a plane for an amazing holiday etc but the idea of doing it for a jolly, which is all the other type could be is just crazy risk.

Big fan of the correct use of aeroplane in the title x

Oh yeah I went in a hot air balloon too once that was good.

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