Have you ever gotten into something that your sibling was into and then ended up doing it long after they stopped?

My brother barely ever picks up a guitar these days

My sister, Daniel Kelly, stopped posting here ages ago.


Liking indie music

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@meths? @meths? @METHS ??!!!?!

Posting on dis, then


Thanks, for finally replying, we can close the thread now.

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Most things I did when I was a kid - karate, playing trumpet/guitar, speaking Spanish - were things my brother and/or sister did first then because my parents wouldn’t let me quit stuff and out of some unconscious desperation to please them I ended up getting way more into those things than my siblings had ever been

Also Nirvana

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No, I set the trends in my family.

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My sisters not very cool, unlike me. I am very cool

The law.

nope, sorry!

Warhammer. One of my cousins was well into it, got me into it and then he stopped. Bizarrely, he’s massively into it again now (40K though, LOL) and I’m kind of still doing bits of Age of Sigmar.


Brother bought a guitar, gave up very quickly. I saw a poster in school for guitar lessons so decided to go along (had already been thinking of getting a bass). Brother then made me teach him. Think he still plays very very occasionally but not often. He did have a phase of printing out guitar tabs again a couple of years ago though

Football manager (then champ manager)

Saw my brother looking at lots of names and numbers on a screen and told him it looked really lame.

Then I started playing it. Eeek.

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Having sex with guys. She got old and ugly pretty quickly. I grew a beard and the boys still like me.

also circa 2002/2003 he had a phase of listening to Radio 1 at night while doing homework/revising. usually turned it off by the time Peel came on but would listen to Lamacq and Colin Murray and tape lots of songs from interesting new indie bands, and then would buy some of their albums. (we’d also video a lot of music shows and festival stuff of the TV for the same purpose)

a couple of years later i was doing the same thing through the internet (continuing to this day), he’d lost interest completely and would make fun of the ‘obscure’ stuff i was always buying and listening to. complete transformation, he’s never gotten back into that sort of thing since at all.

does @ing in all caps still work? @eems

I’m the oldest so was doing all the cool stuff first

Yes it does @JAPES