Have you ever had a drink thrown in your coupon OR thrown a drink in somebody else's coupon? 🍸💦😓



Watching Made in Chelsea last night (my secret shame) and it seems like the thing to do. Has is happened to you before? Have you done it yourself? I’m not talking about bottling somebody here, keep it light if you can, SSP.

I was having a no-strings thing with a girl in my halls and she saw me kissing another girl on a dancefloor. I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned round and had a vodka and redbull dashed into my mush. I tried to dance through the embarassment but it’s a very sticky drink.


can’t you call it a face like a normal person?


Coupon? What the…fuck off


Thank you for your comment Bammers.




What’s a coupon? Is it like groupon?


It’s Scotch slang for face.


It was a word favoured by @UnicornPorn from memory…


Yeah! Always reminds me of her.


I have never been the thrower or throwee. Have witnessed it happen in the pub though, a woman put a full pint of lager over a guy’s head. Very entertaining.


Is this a cut’n’paste from some weird teenage meme?


So how did coupon become slang for face? Is it because, if people like your face, they might give you something in exchange?


I’ve never seen a full pinter before, that must require a lot of premotivation.


Is it now? … you learn something new every day.

EDIT: And no, no drinks thrown in fury in my face or anyone elses.


Never have i ever had a drink thrown in my… coupon.


Someone dropped their Tesco Clubcard in my pint once.


sorry thought you were being weird didn’t realise I was being a racist


Don’t back down, bammers, he’s completely lost his wig here.


Never heard that before.

No I have not thrown a drink in someones face I don’t think.


Oh mate no apology necessary! I did not realise the word ‘coupon’ would rankle so much.

Shut this shit down I guess, mods?