Have you ever had a white christmas?!?!?!?

Had one probably 10 years ago or thereabouts, the electricity was out all day too

I don’t think so. Has anybody in plymouth had a white christmas?

Thought this thread was about having a christmas day on cocaine

Only a light dusting of snow I think.

Went to Finland one year, bought snow boots, big coat, all the trimmings. Longjohns. Didn’t go below 0, no sign of snow. Still angry.

definitely remember 2010, and another not long before that restricted my xmas festivities - i’ll trust marckee that it was 2009. also remember one as a kid in the 90s. pretty certain there was at least one more in between.

2009 maybe? Was fucking incredible. Kept getting snowed into the pub I worked in and was smashed every night for two weeks. Halcyon days.

Spent that December wandering around listening to the Flaming Lips’ ‘Christmas On Mars’ soundtrack. Can still feel the snow under my feet when I listen to it now.