Have you ever had the desire to write your initials in wet cement?

This is the twenty forth, and final installment in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

Have you ever had the desire to write your initials in wet cement?
  • Yes, and I have acted on it
  • Yes, but I have not acted on it, despite having the opportunity
  • Yes, but I have not acted on it, and have never had the opportunity
  • No, I would never want to do that
  • No, but I could imagine that I might end up doing it impulisvely under the right circumstances
  • No, but I would like to do it at some point

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Have you ever seen any notable ones that other people have done? Have you ever seen other examples of someone ruining a perfect cement pour? What do you think when you see someone having done this?

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I’d like to thank the Drowned In Sound community for allowing me to revisit this happy time of my life and to share these questions which I think speak to us all on some level. You have a beautiful community here, and long may it continue in the years to come. Thanks to all for taking part in these threads, it was my pleasure to “make it so”, and I hope we cross paths again in future.


I remember one of my parent’s neighbours redoing their drive and their kids putting their initials in it, right on the part where the drive meets the road. The thing is, the guy is a builder, and it wasn’t long before the cement kinda dried out and cracked, with the initials becoming quite distorted. It’s been over a decade now, and the cement job is still there, very cracked and very shitly done. I always think it’s not a great advert for a builder when walking past.

You’ve written your initials in the wet cement of my heart, I can tell you that!


Never done it. Not arsed but if the right opportunity arose maybe I’ll do it.

You should see a doctor

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The family we bought our house off wrote their surname in wet cement right outside the back door. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of it, but suspect it will be a bigger job than I can be arsed with. Also they only moved two streets away and we see them quite a bit, they come to collect post. So if we got rid of it they’d know and probably be upset. But at the same time, it’s not their house and I don’t want their name and misplaced apostrophe on it any more.


The only reasonable solution is for you to change your name via deed poll.

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No, but I did once drive my hire car into a newly formed concrete ramp entry to a multi storey carpark in Spain, and subsequently fled as the builders gesticulated at me for ruining their new ramp. Numpty.

Goodbye Mr Frakes

Saw Arnold Schwarzenegger putting his hands in the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he was promoting True Lies in summer '94

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Circa 1994 I put my initials and a footprint in some wet concrete where a piece of railing had been replaced after a car drove into it, not far from the house I lived in at the time. I have not returned to that location since May 2000 but I hope it’s still there, so much that I’ve tried zooming in on it on streetview to check but alas, the camera angle is just not there. I even remember the trainers I was wearing at the time, some black 90s style Cons mid boots. Thanks for asking. Happy times.

When we moved in here we got cable installed and they cemented around the hole they made in the crazy paving we inherited. We wrote our initials in it. Then a few months later I jacked up all the crazy paving and our cement initials to make a front garden

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