Have you ever had to be helped out of an embarrassing situation?


Inspired by this “internet prankster” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-42271150


they should’ve left him in there


got stuck in a public toilet cubicle in france when I was a kid - seemed like a ages before my parents came looking for me. I can’t actually remember how they got me out in the end


No, but I had to get my dad out of a situation when he shat himself in his car on the drive home. The trouble is that he had a colleague in the passenger seat coming back to the house for a cuppa…


On a number of occasions I’ve had people tell me that my dress is tucked into my pants :anguished:

It’s always women who tell you, the men never do…


how did this situation resolve itself? Please tell


We all got together and made a pact never to tell women this.

I’ll die before I sell my brothers out.


I figured as much :rage:


He texted ahead and asked me to meet him in the driveway to greet his colleague, take him in for a cup of tea, while ‘subtlety’ ducking outside to the shed with a bowl of “warm” (he insisted it was warm) water and some kitchen towel. Had to keep running between the kitchen and the shed, trying to act like everything was normal


didn’t it stink, though? surely the colleague would have known?


amazing scenes

were you an adult when this happened or still a youngster?


I once got my thumb stuck in the tubing of a chair in French class. Managed to prise it free in the end but it was a close-run thing.


Apparently they drove about 10 miles with the windows fully open. My dad claimed to be “really hot” or something


“Do we really need all the windows open? It’s freezing!”


I was about 16 IIRC. Dreadful business.


Thread has peaked early.




Got my dick stuck in my jeans zip as I was too transfixed on power rangers, and had to got taken to the hospital


quel imbécile


27 years old, I was