Have you ever had to phone 101?


Did the first time a while back after I heard a neighbour screaming really abusive things at their kid.



Twice, both for people parked on double yellows blocking the entrance to our block’s car park, so my GF couldn’t leave for work


don’t even know who would answer




Yeah, when we had someone try to break into our house while we weren’t there.

I was on hold for five minutes before someone answered, which is not how I expected it to work.


i called it for the first time just last week. was driving along the A66 towards working at like 10pm and in the headlights i just saw five white shapes suddenly appear. i was clipping along at 60mph or so, so slammed the brakes on and swerved onto the other side before i could see what it was.

it was five completely naked lads walking down the road. i beeped my horn and then drove up to the roundabout, pulled in and called 101. took ages to answer and the guy on the phone just laughed and said “we’ll find them when they get into town”

and last week i called to find out where i could get my fingerprints done for an FBI check.


Yeah, twice. Once when I had my bike nicked and another time which ended up with me locking myself out of the house at 4am.

I was walking home from a friend’s house, pretty hammered, when I found that someone had tied a pair of tights across a cycle path at about waist height, which could have been pretty dangerous. I tried to rip them down, even tried ‘sawing’ them off with my keys, but that didn’t work. Called 101, but I was so hammered I couldn’t remember the name of the road I was on. Went back to my house, got some scissors, got my bike out of the garage and went back. Cut the tights down and went home. I’d locked my keys in the garage and both of my housemates were away.


cracking story


When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call…

the non-emergency police contact number!


Once when someone scammed my mum but they said call action fraud instead who did nothing :weary:


Once when there was a car with a broken window at the end of my road. It looked like vandalism or theft


Only when testing it.


Yeah, but I probably should have called 999 in retrospect.

I saw some kids in the park acting suspiciously with an air rifle.

There were squad cars on the scene in moments.


Three times.

Once when I got stuck in the van down a busy, narrow one way street by some idiot who’d parked miles from the kerb. The police had to come and hold traffic back so I could reverse back down the street. Felt like such a plum having to do that, even though I’d done nothing wrong.

The other when my neighbour had his car pinched. I heard the whole thing happen, but it didn’t sound like a car being stolen - no smashing of glass or speeding off or anything. There had been some youths down the street on dirt bikes a bit earlier on though, so I reckon they probably had something to do with it in retrospect. Rang up and told them what I’d heard, etc and gave a description of the bikes.

And a few weeks ago, was idly flicking through a certain social media outlet that you lot wouldn’t be a member of when I saw something about a fella on a quadbike that police wanted to speak to. As I was doing so, said quadbike came down our street and pulled onto his mate’s drive. They obviously didn’t want to speak to him that urgently as he was there for half an hour and no police turned up.


loads of times for work. always asking police officers if they have a switchboard no and they just dont any more, you have to call 101 and ask to be put through to whatever force theyre on. tory cuts innit


should’ve dialled all the 9’s, man


They were long gone before we called the police.


101 should either put you through to your local force automatically if possible, or if your location can’t be discerned automatically through to an automated system that asks you which police force you want to speak to. In that sense, it is a swtichboard, just one targeted at routing you to your local police only.

What they don’t have is a switchboard that allows you to choose any police force (say you’re away from home or work in a different area to the one you live in) - you’ve got to go online and search for their direct number to do that.


yeah i know