Have you ever haggled in a shop


Was just looking to buy some crisps and McCoys were 79 p. Only had 77p on me,w as tempted to ask for the 2p off but bottled it. Ended up with Chilli Doritos

anyone ever haggled


Yeah I’m a real bastard for this tbh
I once haggled over a bag of ice in a corner shop at about 2 in the morning :confused:


all the time. more in trinket shops and what have you. although, I have been known to pester the guy with the reduction gun in co-op, demanding more than the derisory 10% discount. they usually buckle, n all


Only ever in tourist shops when abroad mate.

Used to get discounts by default at the record shop I used to go to back in the day.


Tried at at the Box Hill National Trust Café a couple of weeks back.

Queued for about ten minutes, got to be served and they’d run out of paninis AND diet coke on the two customers before me, the two things I actually wanted. Went for Lucozade instead, something disgusting like £2.90. Had £2.85 in change. Bloke wasn’t having any of it. Fuck that place.