Have you ever known anyone called Duncan?

I used to work with a Duncan. real arrogant prick. very good at football and cricket though. very good.

he ended up becoming a policeman - which seems about right for this particular turkey.

saw him a little while back in the petrol station. he had exactly the same hairstyle as when I used to work with him, maybe 15 years back. obviously I didn’t say hi.


Two at school, one at university, one through climbing

yeah, one of my ATDs is called Duncan. However, its one of those names he gave himself when he moved to the UK from Hong Kong as a kid. can’t remember what his real name is.

Duncan Fearnley

no, I don’t think I’ve ever met a duncan

how was the overall experience?

Weirdly I was talking about the two Duncans from school with my colleagues (two of whom I went to school with) the other day.

Was reminiscing about how we used to chuck each other down the banks at lunch and how this kid Duncan landed on his head and started dribbling a bit in a lesson later that day.

I knew a Duncan at school. Total arsehole. Same goes for every Gavin I’ve ever encountered. Never met a nice one.

how is he these days? still ferreting?

only Duncan Donuts

I worked with a Duncan when I worked at Pearl Assurance in Peterborough. He was alright.

I’m a Duncan. Make of that what you will.

GoatMeatFM was a duncan

there you go

None :frowning:

did he change his name?

Just as I opened this thread I had an email alert pop up because the Duncan who works here had sent an email to me

Yes. Not very well though. hth

My friend’s uncle is called Duncan. All he does is pick a fight with her on all her Facebook posts and randomly start banging on about how he wants Trump to be President and is happy about Brexit. He’s awful and done lots of awful stuff IRL apparently. Don’t know why/how she hasn’t unfriended him yet.

One at university.

Went to school with one who was really into JCBs, used to call himself Digger Duncan