Have you ever listened to an album that is so great, that you refuse to listen to anything else they've done, for fear of tainting the sheer majesty of the album you've completely fallen in love with?

I listened to In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, then listened to it again, then about 75 more times and decided that this was so absolutely perfect, that I wouldn’t check the other album.

I’m probably missing out, but ho hum, I’m happy with this decision and will not be swayed.

just me then?

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Probably for the best with the Neutral Mizzas. On Avery Island ain’t bad, but there’s nothing to it that Aeroplane doesn’t do better.

Yes, frequently. And then you relent and buy the other album(s) that got a good review and it sullies their whole discography.

had the exact same thing for NMH.

eventually listened to avery island couple of years later, and it’s alright.

turns out it didn’t ‘taint’ itaots either, so I was being a big baby.

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Yeah there are definitely artists where I’ve loved one of their albums but felt like that was basically all I needed to listen to by them.

Most obvious example i can think of is The Beta Band - loved and still do love The 3 E.P’s but have never even listened to anything else they’ve done (or any subsequent solo stuff). Sure I am missing out but I just like 3 E.P.'s as a little stand-alone capsule.

loving a record by a band.musician so much that you never listen to any pf their other work in case it’s not as good[poll]

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You need to check this out: https://psycosis.bandcamp.com/album/in-my-g4-over-da-sea


You’re missing out. 3 EPs is not their best album. It isn’t even an album. It totally runs out of steam after She’s The One.

Try Hot Shots II. You won’t regret it.

And then you’ve got all of Steve Mason’s solo albums, and his two side projects, and Lone Pigeon, and The Aliens, and MY WORD what a trip you’ve got coming if you ever choose to move beyond the 3 EPs!


I can’t think of a single example of when I’ve listened to an album that is so great that I refused to listen to anything else they’ve done for fear of tainting the sheer majesty of the album I’ve completely fallen in love with.

Because that’s not how music works!

You might disagree, but I Just Called To Say I Love You only ENHANCES the sheer majesty of Innervisions and Songs in the Key of Life.

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Hi bird, listen to Live at Jittery Joe’s as that isn’t strictly NMH and won’t break your code.


Thanks - i will listen to your suggestions!

tbh probably also part of this was a general ‘loosing track of new music’ around that time as well - 3 e.p.s ended up being one of a small handful of albums I listened to a lot for a while whilst not exploring new music. Another was Punch Drunk Love OST by Jon Brion and I’ve never felt much of an urge to explore his other stuff - sure I have missed out there too.

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actually that being said, Breathless by Kenny G, i have never listened to any of his other works, cos let’s face it, that basically perfect jazz.


Hmm! While we’re talking jazz, I think I’m yet to move beyond Sonny Rollins’s Saxophone Colossus. Again, it’s basically perfect jazz, but my not exploring more is not exactly from a lack of desire so much as from a lack of any clue as to where to go next

That last sentence was a disaster.



On avery island is the isn’t anything to aeroplanes loveless, on some days I prefer it

Isn’t Anything only clicked for me the other day, purely because I’ve always viewed it as an inferior Loveless. For some reason, having owned it and listened to it extensively for nearly a decade, I was only recently able to judge it on its own merits. It’s marvellous.


Didn’t It Rain


check out the Rolling Jazz Chat thread, man. there are many Rollins suggestions in there