Have you ever listened to an album that is so great, that you refuse to listen to anything else they've done, for fear of tainting the sheer majesty of the album you've completely fallen in love with?



You definitely should. Try Tenor Madness, The Bridge or East Broadway Run Down. All at least as good.


I will!


back in the 90s I adored the single of ‘nearly lost you’ by the screaming trees to a degree that it was a long time before I could bring myself to check out ‘sweet oblivion’ (which has then stayed in my all time top 10 ever since…)


Saxophone Colossus is a magnificent album. I’d stay there if I were you. I can tell you from experience that once you start exploring jazz it becomes a bit of an obsession, albeit a very rewarding one. Currently working my way through Miles Davis’ first quintet albums - Workin’, Relaxin’, Steamin’ etc. Just amazing stuff.


I think reign in blood is the only slayer album I’ve listened to…


‘South Of Heaven’ and ‘Seasons In The Abyss’ are pretty fucking good as well. You really don’t have to go further than those though.


Had this with Geogaddi by BOC.

Then realised everything they do is amazing and was able to rest easy. :slight_smile:


I know what I’ll be listening to tonight :thumbsup:


Joy Divison - Atmosphere


wrong thread, cunt


I’m already obsessed! I’ve gone so deep with Miles that I’ve reached the bootlegs.


Me too. I love it, but they do one thing perfectly and one album of that is all I need.


IMHO Geogaddi is their worst album.


Love those quintet albums. Got a threefer box set with them. Haven’t got round to Cookin’ though, maybe I’ll check it this evening


It’s my favourite album by anyone.


Haven’t tried any Electrelane beyond The Power Out, which is incredible. I’ve heard Axes is good, but haven’t tried it - definite fear of disappointment. If there are no songs in German, poems sung by choirs, Spanish sonnets etc, I’m out.


I don’t think the other albums are a patch on The Power Out (others disagree, I know). Listening to them won’t ‘taint the majesty’ of The Power Out though


There are some bands I have drawn a line under, I love their stuff, heard a tiny bit of a new album which hasn’t struck me as being as good and just decided I am not going to pursue it further. I ditched Radiohead after Kid A (sorry) and QOTSA after Songs for the Deaf. As long as they have enough of a discography it is no big deal.


Ditched QOTSA after ‘Lullabies to Paralyze’ but fully understand that sentiment.


anything swans did before 2010. theres just so fucking much of it