Have you ever listened to BBC radio 3?

I don’t think I have, not even in the old days 6 when you used to tune into stuff accidentally by twiddling the knobs

Nobody listens to the radio in 2019, so no.

I listen to 5 live quite a lot, and Tms, and today fm.

yeah, stick on quite regularly.

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Weird thing to lie about but ok.

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only through my Dad listening to it downstairs late at night (normally some mad organ music or something. Actually… is my dad feathers McGraw???)


smashing pumpkins station? Good that.

I listen to Radio Na Gaeltachta but no, I have never listened to BBC Radio 3.

Feathers McWarn



I sometimes listen to the jazz programme on Radio 3.

I listen to Radio 4 comedy a lot.

Yeah, used to a fair bit when I was driving around in my van at work. Heard some great stuff over the years. Probably my favourite radio station

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1, 2, 4, 5live, 6, but never 3


Yeah I like Radio 3 for classical and jazz stuff and no adverts. Late Junction is dope.


What’s good about it? (genuine question)

I’m so sorry


Yeah this. Wonder how much of my life I’ve wasted listening to eg Scott mills when I could be soothing my soul with some chopin or whatever

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Start Chopin - J Mascis hosts beginners guide to classical music. At ear-bleeding volume. Tonight on BBC Radio 3.


That’s nearly the name of one them, yes.

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best radio show ever. The jazz and world and folk shows which are on some days instead of LJ are also excellent. Basically at 11pm Radio 3 is the place to be


Never listened to R3 in my life. Radio 2 between 10.25 and 10.50 on a weekday, 5Live for football and TMS, 6Music sometimes.