Have you ever listened to BBC radio 3?


yeah i dip into those based on the guests. only really listen to the Graeme Garden episodes of Sorry I Haven’t a Clue mostly


tried a couple of episodes of The Now Show a while back but couldn’t handle it. they had someone doing satirical musical comedy and I had to switch it off. meant to try and dip back in when they’ve had better guests but never got round to it. it does seem to absolutely epitomise what people think all Radio 4 comedy is like.

quite like The News Quiz but primarily for Miles Jupp. guests are of varying quality (Andrew Maxwell is always very good value though) and the journo types especially are increasingly smug and annoying. was exceptionally hit and miss with the guest hosts last year (disclaimer: i’ve only been listening to it since Jupp took over)

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This is on Radio 3 and is good: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b02sl2


It is the only radio station I listen to. It engages me. It helps me think and challenges me.

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dont think anyone ever has. reckon the reason the beeb pretended they were going to axe 6music instead of radio 3 is so it wouldnt cock their numbering system up. cant think of another reason

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Sometimes I would drive from Bristol to Yeovil late at night and Radio 3 had the best music on at that time. I’m guessing it was Late Junction that other people have mentioned, but I never bothered to find out what show it actually was.



(Have a bit of a crush on Verity Sharp.)

6Music gets 2.3m listeners a week. Radio 3 gets 1.8m pw. 1Xtra gets 1m.

  1. Merge 6Music and 1Xtra. Stick it in R3s FM frequency.
  2. Punt R3 to digital only. Digital listening has only just reached 50%. R3 has an artificial leg-up.
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Wasn’t aware of this. Listening now. Half way through. It is very good. Thanks. :+1:

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aren’t these really quite different? not sure if grime fans will appreciate being made to listen to The National all the time

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be nice to have more grime on 6music tho. never listen to 1xtra actually, i think its coz i forget it exists coz of the name. all about that numbering convention. oh actually sometimes radio 1 and 1xtra share programmes, i listen then if im in the car coz i usually listen to radio 1 in the car. either radio 1 or whichever petrol station compilation cd gf has picked up this wk (shes got dead into petrol station compilation cds lately, the cheesier and more dadrock the better)

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Post-merger, fans of The National can toddle off to Radio 2. :grinning:


oh :frowning:


Have been trawled the R3 podcast back catalogue. Some great stuff to be had.

  • Classical Fix (Non-fans are given a playlist to listen to and comment on - have started with the James Acaster and Shaun Keaveny episodes.)
  • Private Passions (Desert Island Discs-y. Have heard these so far: Grayson Perry, Chilly Gonzalez, Alison Goldfrapp, John Peel, Anna Meredith, Vivienne Westwood, Miles Jupp, Nitin Sawhney, Jonathan Meades, Michael Horovitz)
  • Jazz Library (Includes eps on Ornette Coleman, Nina Simone, Sun Ra, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Mins Davis, Charlie Parker, Louis, Armstrong)
  • Fifty Modern Classics (All composed between 1950 and 2000)
  • Slow Radio (“An antidote to today’s frenzied world. Step back, let go, immerse yourself: it’s time to go slow.A lo-fi celebration of pure sound.” Haven’t listened to any yet but have a couple of interesting looking ones DLd.)
  • The Early Music Show (Ronseal)
  • The Story of Music in Fifty Pieces (“50 pieces of music that changed the course of music history.”)
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