Have you ever lived in a house with a street/road sign on it?


I haven’t.

Do you have to allow access for its maintenance?



Yes! Well, a flat anyway.


No I haven’t.

I imagine you would, yes, but I don’t think they replace them very often, so it’s unlikely to be an issue.

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I think I read somewhere that all street signs are the property of HM The Queen and, as such, so are the houses that happened to be attached to the signs. Not allowing access to the sign or the house is high treason. I think I read that.

No, I haven’t.

But thanks for asking.

We do. I have no idea about who owns/maintains the street sign. I assumed it was us.

great thread. big fan of houses that have the street sign on it. sadly never lived in one though.

I would have agreed with you yesterday, but now I’m questioning the idea of having to allow access to my road sign.

there’s a massive fine if you eat one

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You should replace it with one in Comic Sans.


Yes. My mum still lives there. It seems to have been fine without any maintenance since at least 1981.

I like the houses with billboards on them. Would you even need a job if your house had a billboard on it?


I’ve noticed people sell sponsorship on cars. Apparently you can earn £150-£200 a month just for letting someone put a big…Chorley FM sticker on your car doors. Seems a no-brainer unless you’re really uptight.

Lived in a block which had a street sign on it but as we were on the 10th floor and the sign was on the other side of the block at ground/first floor height I have no idea

Never understood why they don’t put adverts on the rooves of buses. Think how many people would see it from their offices in a town/city centre. You’d take more notice as well because it’s unusual.

i read that your house belongs to the queen, sorry

Have you ever lived in a house with a street/road sign on it?

Or been close to folks who have?

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A friend’s parent’s flat. It was an old style one, so presume there was no maintenance for it as such, it was just left from decades ago.