Have you ever lost your shit with the GP?


afraid to say this happened to me a few weeks back.

I have an on-going health concern that is bothering me quite a bit. might be nothing, might be something.

anyway, I had seen a particular GP about it and he was not too bothered at all. when I say not too bothered, I mean he wasn’t really interested in what I was saying. left highly dissatisfied, but moved on from it.

made a second appointment a week or so later to see someone else. when I got to the booking screen, it turned out I’d been booked with this guy again. asked the receptionist why this was and she said there was some emergency with the other doc.

so I went in and saw this guy again. he didn’t once look at me when I was telling me my concerns and I was getting angry as fuck at his general lacklustre approach to my concerns . I said I’d like to have a scan, but he said there was no need. I told him i thought there was a need. he said that he couldn’t help me any further and ushered me towards the door.

called him a fucking prick as I was leaving. didn’t shout it, just said it under my breath. I immediately realised this was not cool, so turned around and said sorry. he said ‘too late, I’m going to report you’…which he did.

got a letter warning me about my behaviour, didn’t I. spoke to the practice manager to apologise again. she was fine with it. we also talked about the weather.

feel like I’m gonna have to change my GP now. can’t possibly go back with this shit on my notes

btw - I’m not proud of losing my shit, so please don’t beast me about that.



When you booked a second appointment, did you specify that you wanted to see a different doctor?

If you did, then the practice should have honoured that and not bumped you back to the first one.


Haven’t been to a GP in years and years mate aside from one instance where she Googled it but yeah, seems like people I know who have to go are regularly pissed off by being palmed off by them.


Something about uncontrollable diarrhoea


Sorry to hear it went that way : (

I don’t blame you for losing your temper, I think it’s quite reasonable when you’re trying to speak to a health professional and they don’t even pretend to listen to you. Sounds like changing surgeries is the way to go, as frustrating as that is.


yes, yes I did. the other lady had to nip out, or something. guess I should have just waited another day


I was going to go with labelling my samples properly


Change GP if it’s not working for you, your health’s too important.

I’m annoyed at a consultant I saw a few years ago, because a recurring eye condition has flared up again that I feel has been misdiagnosed. I get very frustrated at doctors who stick with the statistically most likely diagnosis in the face of evidence that they’re facing one of the less likely conditions this time (not least because one nearly killed my girlfriend by doing this).

You can’t be dealing with a doctor who won’t take your concerns seriously. It’s night and day when you find one who actually listens to you.


I’ve lost my temper too, due to mental health stuff that was being ignored. Had a bit of a shouting match then left mid-sentence slamming the door. Was 19 at the time I think? Eurgh it was quite a small surgery with the doctors office directly adjoining a crowded waiting room, walking into it was very embarrassing.


Likelihood ratio-based differential diagnosis, innit?


Suppose I should answer the question, shouldn’t I.

Had a bit of an argument with said consultant when they said “look, you shouldn’t want to have a chronic eye condition. They’re very serious.”

Mate, I don’t want to have anything, but the three rounds of treatment you’ve given me based on your half-arsed diagnosis didn’t work, but treating it as if it was the “very serious” condition did, so maybe engage your brain for a minute and think about why that might be, yeah? Twat.


Didn’t lose my shit, but had a word.

Went in recently with the TVGF (she was really worried and asked if I’d go in with her). The doctor started talking to me instead of her, telling me what was wrong and stuff. So I told him to talk to her, not me.


Yep. But if the diagnosis doesn’t fit, they need to have a wee think rather than hammering on at it. My eye problems are one thing, but the misdiagnosis of septic arthritis as a sprain despite being told over (and over and over) of other stuff going on nearly killed my gf. Because it was a rare condition and the admitting doctor was a fucking idiot. He tried to discharge her. She’d have died if they had.



I trust a trained medical professional more than myself. Even if on the odd occasion they’re wrong. I’m not a needy baby, after all.


only time I ‘lost my shit’ with a doctor is when I turned up to my appointment and he was eating a ginsters pasty. continued to eat throughout the appointment and didn’t seem at all interested in what I was saying,

after like 5 minutes I just kind of laughed and got up and left. not sure who came out looking worse tbh. Was already really stressed when I went in and it probably looked as though I stormed off.


Not with a GP, but in the last few months I’ve spent more time dealing with the NHS than in the rest of my life put together, and it’s really scary how frustrating and flawed it can be. The people we’ve dealt with have generally been excellent, but also often brusque and sometimes evasive. Then actually getting things sorted has been a nightmare - like, I shouldn’t have to repeatedly chase an appointment with a specialist that they suggested we should have.


This has also reminded me of the last time I tried to see a doctor about my eyes and got blocked from seeing a GP about it by a practice nurse with an honest to god eye condition flow chart with about five boxes on it.

I understand the need to ensure that patients aren’t wasting a GP’s time due to the ridiculous amount of strain the system is under, but maybe have a look at my patient history before whipping out the eedjit’s guide to eye conditions. Flow chart says no. Go away.


in my experience, as soon as you get ‘labelled’ with some mental health issue or another - even low level shit like anxiety, that’s it. game over. you’re obviously mad and worried about something that simply isn’t there.


Not saying any of you are wrong in your objections, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that these people are being worked into the ground at the moment.

That said I had trouble biting my tongue in a phone consultation I had during my cancer scare earlier this year, when I was concerned I might have rapidly lost weight. When I told the GP my new reading she expressed surprise that I’d apparently gained 30kg in two months. She’d been looking at the wrong person’s records. When I said “that’s impossible, I’m six foot tall” her reply was “Well I haven’t examined you.” Close to the edge that one.


Missed her calling in 30s Musical Hall comedy, to be fair.

(Sounds fucking annoying, sorry.)